We live in a world where it is a constant battle to find and be our truest selves. Especially with the explosion of social media, it is almost as though we are being fed what to think, who to be, how to dress, what’s cool, and what’s not. Social media coupled with peer pressure and the expectations society demands from us make it increasingly difficult to express who we truly are. Expressing yourself almost feels illegal in the “conscripted” world that we live in today.

Nevertheless, it is important to know true freedom comes from expressing yourself from within. A person who lives for the validation of others will never discover who and what he or she was born to be.

The most amazing thing about expressing yourself is that it makes you attractive to people who are genuinely in love with your personality.  You are therefore surrounded by those who really understand and respect you.

Expressing yourself also gives you a deeper knowledge and understanding of who you are. You, therefore, begin to chase dreams and aspirations that align with your purpose rather than being limited by society or peers.

Most people suffer from the struggle to fit in. They dropped their standards and values just to belong in circles where they are not truly appreciated. When you do this, you betray who you are and pretend to be who you are not. The pressure to fit is one that is both physically and mentally draining. Instead of being in circles where you have to struggle for approval, by expressing yourself, your circle would naturally gravitate towards you.